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Most homeowners know that their sewer lines help transport waste out of their homes, but beyond that basic fact, they know little else. Most of us never give our sewer lines a second thought until there’s a problem.

As specialists in sewer repairs in Niles, IL, we know that a sewer line clog can lead to raw sewage backing up and coming out of your drains. That backup not only poses a serious health hazard but can also lead to significant damage to your home.

As your friends, we want to point out to you some of the things you should watch for that might indicate that you have a potentially serious sewage problem. If you see any of these, we hope that you’ll call us whatever the time, day or night.

Common Warning Signs

Several fixtures are clogged – An obvious sign of a sewer clog problem is having more than one plumbing fixture back up at the same time. Toilets are frequently affected by this problem, but other fixtures can be involved as well.

Toilet problems – Your toilet has the most direct path to the sewer line. If you have a problem with your sewer line you’ll probably notice it here first with the toilet backing up. It’s rare to have a main line sewer problem and still have the toilet working properly.

Tub and shower issues –The tub and shower are also frequently affected by a sewer line problem because your tub and shower sit at a lower drain level than you sink drains. If water and waste come up into the tub or shower when you flush the toilet, that’s usually a clear sign of a sewer drain clog. If flushed water can’t go down the sewer line, it comes out at the lowest point, usually the tub or shower.

Washing machine backup – If the water draining out of the washing machine causes the toilet to overflow or backs up in the tub or shower, that could be a sign that the sewer line is clogged.

You should always be on the lookout for any of these problems which might be a warning sign of serious sewer drain issues. If you have any of these, email or call us at 847-459-7900. Our specialists providing sewer repairs in Niles, IL are available 24/7, and they’ll have your problem cleared in no time at all.



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