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Sewage problems are among the most unpleasant issues you encounter as a home or business owner. It’s an issue that can cause the repugnant smell of raw sewage to infiltrate your home or building. But more importantly, if not addressed quickly, these issues require difficult, expensive repairs.

To be clear, we’re not talking about a backed-up toilet solved with a little plunger work. These are more serious issues causing a sewage backup. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone, and any type of system—whether you’re connected to the city sewer or use your own septic tank. And it’s not always easy to tell that there’s a problem without consulting a sewer repair specialist.

You may have seen gigantic trenches being dug in front yards, or heard horror stories. These are often the result of sewer problems that were left alone, or treated without the services of a professional plumber. And it’s not always the city’s responsibility to fix it if the issue is on your property.

Older homes, particularly homes built before the 1970’s are going to need sewer repairs or replacement at some point. These repairs are vital, not just to save money, but also to prevent potentially serious health hazards.

As you may or may not know backflow is a plumbing issue caused by built up pressure. Backflow can cause raw sewage to pollute your clean water supply, which could cause serious illness. Proper maintenance of your sewers helps prevent things like backflow.

Be on the lookout for potential issues. If you’re seeing any of the warning signs—slow flowing drains, gurgling pipes, or water backup in your sink or tub, don’t take a chance. Call the sewer repair in Niles Illinois—Aqua Plumbing Services.

From sewer drain cleaning to sewer line replacement, we handle a variety of sewer problems in any of our service areas: Niles, Park Ridge, Skokie, Morton Grove, Evanston and the surrounding areas. And since sewer issues don’t wait for a convenient time, we provide emergency plumbing service to help you fast, usually within the hour.

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