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Water, water everywhere is not a good thing when that water is in your house! Under your home and through the walls are countless water pipes. When one of them springs a leak, it can mean anything from a slow drip that eventually causes a problem, or a serious gusher that is bad enough to get the insurance company involved. Either way, water pipes leaking is bad news to your wallet.

There are several different types of water pipe leaks that can occur in any home or business. Here are the most common problems:

  1. Tiny Leaks
    • These leaks often occur were pipes have been joined, or where new construction has resulted in a nail or screw being driven into the pipe. They can be slow drips or seeping leaks. These water pipe leaks are tough to spot. It is important to keep an eye on the walls, baseboards, ceilings and floors of all parts of your home – sometimes the first sign of one of these tiny leaks is a bit of water damage. If you catch it early, you can save yourself a great deal of money in water leak repair and restoration costs.
  2. Fixture leaks
    • These leaks only happen when the faucet is in the open position. Water might slowly leak from around the base of the faucet or around the handles. But the more sinister of these leaks happen behind the wall or under the sink, where the same kind of seeping is taking place, but you aren’t able to see it to clean it up. The water then sits wherever it happens to land and can cause damage that isn’t evident until you see water spots on the ceiling or wall.
  3. Drain Leaks
    • These are leaks that happen in the pipes that carry water away from the building. Often they are tough to spot, because they happen where they are hidden, such as a leaky shower trap. Just as with the tiny leaks that might occur in your pipes, the first sign might be a bit of water damage on the wall or ceiling.
  4. Gushing leaks
    • These leave you without a doubt about what’s happening – the source of the leak might be hidden away, but the water definitely is not! These leaks often happen after a cold snap that has frozen and then cracked the pipes. It can also happen if a joint gives way or new construction has somehow damaged the pipe. These gushing leaks leave no doubt of their presence. If you have one of these, turn off the water and call us – this means immediate water line leak repair.

Whether your sink is driving you insane with a constant drip or you came home to a house flooded by a broken pipe, our plumbing services Niles IL can help. Our experienced team of plumbers can provide plumbing leak repair before the water does any more damage to your home.

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