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Back flow is when water that usually flows out, away from your house or building, reverses and flows back. It’s a nasty problem that can contaminate the water you drink, clean dishes, do laundry, and shower with. Contamination in your water source is a serious health issue and needs to be addressed immediately. Back flow presents such a dire health risk that building codes require several measures for back flow prevention.

Back flow is caused by one of two things. First is a significant pressure reduction in a clean water source. This can be caused by water line breaks, firefighting efforts, and flushed out water pipes. The resulting lower pressure in the clean water source causes contaminated water to be drawn in at cross connections (where potable water lines cross plumbing lines). This is much like the effect you get when you drink through a straw.

A similar process occurs when pressure increases in the contaminated water source above that of the clean water source. This may occur when a septic system is not functioning properly, or there’s a blockage in the sewage pipe. Just like the first cause of back flow, this occurs at cross connections. The high pressure in the sewage pipe seeks out a lower pressure environment. If your system has cross connections without proper back flow prevention devices, the sewage rushes into the clean water source.

If you’re on city water, you’re protected by laws that require cities to do everything they can to avoid back flow issues. But even those systems can fail, though not often, as the consequences may affect the potable water source for a whole community of people. If you’re on well water or your own septic system it’s especially important to have a strong cross connection control. Having a master plumber inspect your plumbing system can give you the piece of mind you need.

To ensure any problems are taken care of immediately, before anyone gets sick, call Aqua – a trusted plumbing service in Des Plaines, IL – to inspect the system. We do back flow inspections, install prevention devices, and help plan the best piping options for new construction.


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