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There’s a good chance you use your sink more than anything else in the house. So it’s no surprise that garbage disposals often get backed up. If you prepare food often, don’t let a backed up disposal slow you down. These nifty devices use motor-powered blades to grind up food waste. And they’re very convenient for busy cooks. Fortunately, most backups are relatively easy to solve, but some may require professional attention.

If you put the wrong types of food down the disposal, you’ll find your garbage disposal backed up quite often. Sometimes it’s obvious what you shouldn’t put down the disposal, but some things that you wouldn’t expect can cause problems too. Coffee grounds, pasta, and celery are just a few food items that damage garbage disposals. Running the garbage disposal without also running the water can also cause damage.

Fix Jammed, Clogged, or Overheated Garbage Disposals

Whether the disposal is jamming, isn’t turning on, or you don’t know what the issue is, it’s best to call a professional. The trained garbage disposal specialists at Aqua Plumbing will get your disposal up and running again. Attempting disposal fixes on your own can be difficult and dangerous. There’s a reason disposals are so convenient and it’s because the blades are so sharp. A professional knows how to work around the blades so you don’t have to risk a cut finger.

Garbage disposal issues may seem small. And most of them are. But it’s important to remember that disposals generate a lot of waste. If you have a septic tank, the increased load on your septic tank can add up and you’ll need regular septic plumbing.

Garbage disposals can be difficult to install, even with an owner’s manual. Improper installation can lead to damaged disposals, which costs you extra. That’s why it’s always a good idea to call a Niles IL plumber to handle garbage disposal installation. If you already have installation complete, we can provide help with a full range of sink plumbing problems, garbage disposal repairs and maintenance in the years to come.

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