Low Pressure

Niles, Illinois Low Water Pressure Technician

Low water pressure can be an annoying situation. It affects everything, from filling up pots for the stove to getting clean while under the shower. Low water pressure can be caused by a whole host of reasons; the most common ones are below:

  1. Clogs in the pipes
    • If you have low water pressure in some areas of the building while other faucets work just fine, you might have a blockage in one of the pipes leading to the troublesome area. We can quite often fix this problem with a pipe snake.
  2. Is the water running elsewhere?
    • Most buildings have trouble handling a heavy water demand from several different fixtures at once. For instance, your shower running at the same time someone else is doing dishes and someone else is watering the lawn can lead to decreased water pressure for everyone.
  3. Leaks in the system
    • Water leaks allow water to escape the closed system of pipes. If enough water is gushing out through the leak, the water pressure through the faucets can be decreased. This is a problem that requires immediate attention.
  4. Is it a building-wide problem?
    • If you are experiencing low water pressure in every part of your home or business, that could mean that it’s a problem with the water municipality, not you. In that case, call the water utility for an update on work that might be happening in your area.

If the low water pressure seems to have no clear-cut cause that you can fix, give us a call. We can inspect your pipes and make any repairs that might be necessary to get the water flowing again.

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