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Niles, Illinois Battery Backup Systems Specialist

During a storm your sump pump is what keeps torrents of water from invading your basement or crawl space. This useful gadget is responsible for preventing thousands of dollars in water damage by repelling water away from your home. But when the power goes out—which is quite common in a storm—you risk serious water damage if you don’t have a backup. That’s why backup systems that run on batteries are so important. And at Aqua Plumbing, we’re proud to maintain and service all the major brands of backup sump pump systems.

When we handle the installation, we prefer the StormPro 33 ACi backup. The StormPro is capable of converting DC power into AC power when the electricity is out. This means that no matter how severe the storm, the wind and water that knocked out your lights won’t make its way into your home. The StormPro comes standard with a heavy-duty case and the option for a metal stand.

Another one of our favorites is the StormPro Maxx Deluxe backup system. This one relies on two pumps to give the added peace of mind you need when water starts pouring in sheets all over Chicagoland. One of our customers’ favorite features is the option to connect the pump to your phone. The pump will alert you if anything goes wrong so you can respond quickly before any damage is done, whether you’re at home or halfway across the world.

Regardless of the system you choose, or already have, we’re experts at routine maintenance and repairs. By using the professionals at Aqua plumbing to maintain your sump pump backup, you’ll extend the life of your system and ensure its reliability under harsh conditions.

Don’t take any chances. If you’re running a sump pump without a backup, it only takes one Chicago storm to wipe it all out. Have our emergency plumber in Des Plaines, IL take a look at your system so we can provide information on how to choose the best backup system to keep your home or business dry.

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