Indoor Air Quality: Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers 

You may not realize it, but humidity plays a significant role in a home’s indoor air quality in the Chicagoland area. Sure, some may complain every now and then about an especially humid or dry day, but few realize how much indoor air quality affects their comfort and well-being.

A good humidity level for the average home is between 35 and 45 percent. Keeping your home’s humidity level within this range ensures the most comfortable and healthy environment, while also protecting your home and possessions from damage caused by excessive humidity or dryness.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are used during various times of the year to prevent indoor air quality problems such as mold and nasal congestion, to name a few. It’s helpful to know how each works and how they can add to your comfort.


  • Increases moisture in the air
  • Commonly used in winter when the air is dry
  • Keeps your skin from drying out and helps control allergies and nasal congestion


  • Decreases moisture in the air
  • Commonly used in summer when the air is warm and humid
  • Helps prevent headaches and allergies by preventing mold and mildew buildup

Finding the Right Balance

As homeowners, the trick is finding the right balance between excessively high or low humidity. Too much moisture in the air raises the evaporation point of liquids, including sweat. The longer it takes to evaporate, the longer it takes you to cool down. That’s why humid days feel so much warmer than dry days.

On the other hand, chronic low humidity is also a problem. Among other things, it causes your skin and nose to dry out, making you more susceptible to germs. And that partly explains why so many people get sick during cool, dry winters.

To ensure your year round comfort and good health, we hope you’ll consider allowing us to install a whole-house humidifier/dehumidifier system in your home. Trust us when we say it’s not a simple job, and it’s no place for amateurs or the inexperienced. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers must be placed at just the right point in your ductwork to treat all your home’s air.  But our skilled, trained technicians are up to the job, large or small. Email or call us today 630-984-7690 and let our team provide you with unmatched HVAC service in Skokie, IL.

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