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When you’re looking for an HVAC service in Niles, IL, you’ll want to look for one that provides flexible solutions. Many factors affect your structure’s AC needs, including building age, size, and type. Additionally, with constant advances in AC technology, air conditioning companies in Niles, Illinois must stay up-to-date.

Don’t leave your air conditioning needs to anyone but the best!

With Aqua Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Services, you’ll have 24/7 access to the following services:

  • Installation

Whether you own an old building or home, with Aqua you have professionals available to do a partial or full system replacement. We also handle brand new installations and retrofits. Our technicians are certified and experienced. They know how to implement complex, custom solutions for your air conditioning needs.

  • Repair

Air conditioning problems rarely pop up at convenient times. That’s why our fleet of trucks and technicians is available 24/7. Our service is available for no extra charge on nights, weekends, or holidays. Enlist the help of Aqua Plumbing to get your system up and running so you stay cool and comfortable.

  • Maintenance

Looking for ways to reduce your utility bill? Aqua provides regular maintenance at affordable prices to keep your unit running efficiently. Improved efficiency reduces your monthly bills and extends the life of your unit, which further reduces replacement expenses.

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  • Commercial Air Conditioning

A good air conditioning company in Niles, IL, knows the different intricacies of residential and commercial air conditioning systems. The principles are the same, but your business has different needs than a home. Fortunately, Aqua Plumbing’s air conditioning technicians are trained and certified to address a multitude of air conditioning issues.

  • System Design and Project Management

Building your heating and cooling system from the ground up with Aqua Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling allows us to control every aspect of your system. With our optimal design you save money on maintenance, utility expenses, and replacement costs.

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