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Niles, Illinois

If your heating equipment isn’t providing the comfort you expect, count on the professionals from Energy Services Air Conditioning, Heating & Electrical to diagnose and resolve problems with any make or model, regardless of age, ensuring a warm and welcoming home all winter long.  With extensive experience in heating repair, our team of comfort experts will restore your heating equipment to peak condition, providing the highest quality service and products for efficient and consistent operation.

Whatever type of heating system you have, don’t ignore warning signs.  When you notice even minor issues, such as elevated noise levels or strange smells, call immediately for service.  A clean, well-adjusted heating system saves you money on fuel, provides uninterrupted comfort, and operates safely.  While newer furnaces are equipped to with safety features and shut down when a problem is detected, older systems have none of these protections.  Over time, minor cracks can develop in the combustion chamber.  These cracks may not be detected by the naked eye, but can introduce carbon monoxide into your breathing air.  Don’t take unnecessary risks with your health and safety.  At Aqua Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling Services, Inc, safety is always a top priority.  An inspection with our professional service technicians, we will verify the condition and proper operation of your system.

If your heating system is not running at peak capacity, it is probably costing unnecessarily high utility bills.  As components battle wear and tear, dirt accumulation, or faulty parts, the system as a whole must work harder to reach desired temperatures.  This adds up to higher energy consumption and inflated operational costs.  So you’re paying more, even while you’re living with decreased comfort.  You can count on our licensed technicians to address the most pressing issue, as well as troubleshoot for possible difficulties that will diminish future performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Our goal is to be your #1 choice for repair, installation and continued maintenance of your heating and cooling systems.  We earn your trust through fair pricing, precise workmanship, timely response, and quick turnaround time.  For every project we undertake, our technicians bring years of experience and dedication, handling the job professionally from start to finish.  

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