Air Conditioning Repair

Niles, Illinois A/C Repair

Over the years heating and cooling systems have made huge advances in energy efficiency and reliability. With these advances, the mechanisms that cool and heat or businesses and homes have become very complex. Properly installing, maintaining and repairing your A/C unit can only be handled by certified professionals, like the ones at Aqua Plumbing, Heating and Cooling services. Aqua provides AC repair for Niles, Illinois and the surrounding areas.

When summer hits, you don’t want to be left searching for shade to keep you cool. But failing to make necessary repairs and provide routine maintenance will lead to a failed air conditioning unit. And you’ll end up sweating it out until it’s fixed. If that’s not enough, poorly maintained and old A/C units are known to run up your energy bill. Having a professional take a look at your system and perform a quick tune-up will pay dividends down the road. Especially if you’re using an older system.

Aqua’s Heating and Cooling services provide you with factory-trained technicians to help make sure you stay cool all summer long. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small unit that’s been around before you even bought your home, or if it’s a large, new unit with all the latest gadgets. Our professionals can maintain the system you’re already using. And we can provide recommendations and installation when it comes time to look into replacing your unit.

Our regular inspections allow you to respond quickly to an emergency so you’re not left out to dry in the summer heat. And we provide the necessary tune ups to keep your monthly utility bill as low as it can be.

Besides handling A/C units, we also offer our installation and maintenance services for dehumidifiers, humidifiers and air quality filters. Our professionals are certified in high-efficiency air filtration and duct system design. That way you can be sure that your air is cool, comfortable and safe. For many of our customers with allergies, the improved quality of air is a huge relief.

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