Emergency AC Repair

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Do you live in Skokie or the surrounding areas and have an air conditioning issue that just can’t wait? Maybe your air conditioner just isn’t working, or it’s making strange noises. Or maybe the tenants of a building you own are demanding an immediate fix to an issue with their air conditioning.

Whatever the case may be, help is never too far away when you have Aqua’s emergency air conditioning services in your back pocket. We’re an air conditioning company in Skokie, Illinois that provides emergency AC repair services for residents and businesses of Skokie and the surrounding areas.

Add our number—(630)517-5695—to your phone right now for air conditioning peace of mind in Skokie and the surrounding areas. And don’t be afraid to call us, day or night.

Usually, air conditioning emergencies are unlikely to present a real threat to you and your family’s safety. It’s usually more a question of comfort than safety. However, during heat waves, or in the case of a coolant leak, you may need to call an air conditioning company in Skokie, Illinois immediately to ensure your safety.

The first, and the most dangerous issue is related to coolant leaks. Air conditioners, especially older models, use coolants that are dangerous to you and the environment if they leak. Usually, AC units keep these dangerous coolants contained in a closed loop system. If you suspect a leak, turn off the AC unit as soon as possible to avoid further health risk. Then call an air conditioning company in Skokie, Illinois.

During heat waves, malfunctioning air conditioning units can present a real threat to your health and safety. The elderly and infants are particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures. As a temporary solution, you can use stop-gap measures such as ceiling and box fans. Another helpful trick is to place a tray of ice in front of a box fan to replicate the effect of air conditioning. Of course, none of these methods is a permanent solution. So if it can’t wait, don’t hesitate to call Aqua Plumbing Services, an air conditioning company in Skokie IL,  for emergency AC repair.

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